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You find yourself squinting far too often and you need a magnifier to help you get up close and personal with your book or craft project.

The LED Headband Magnifier is the perfect option for you to solve your vision needs. This product is what you need if you want 100% use of both hands at all times.


Product Details:

  • Changeable Magnification 1.5, 3, 8.5, 10X – No Matter What Strength You Need We Have it
  • 2 Super Bright LED Lights – This Product is Usable in All Lighting Conditions Thanks to the LED
  • Great For Craft Projects – With Strengths up to 10X
  • Energy Saving Design – Long Lasting LED Design
  • Powered by 2 AAA Batteries – Super Easy to Replace
  • Size of Lens is 89x29mm – Large Lens Viewing Area
  • Solo Lens Size is 29mm – This is the 10x Lens That Gets You to See Major Detail
  • LED is Fully Adjustable for Angle – Shine the Light in Multiple Directions


Who is this product for?

LED Headband Magnifier products are for a number of different people, they were created for people who already wear reading glasses but also need further magnification.

The headband design allows people to wear their glasses at the same time underneath which is perfect for people who are restricted to wearing glasses all the time.

Generally, if you don’t need to wear your glasses at the same time we recommend these Magnifying Glasses. The exception to this rule is for people who require a strength higher than 3.5x which is usually people who are using the product for a craft project such as building models.

Important details about head worn products

With magnification it’s important to know that the lens needs to be fairly close to the object you’re magnifying (less than 10cm).

Because of this, using this product for reading can be very uncomfortable and we don’t recommend it for this use unless you understand your face will need to be very close to the page or you are 100% restricted to a head worn product.

Click this link for what devices we recommend for reading.

What makes this product great?

With four different lenses that can be chosen this is one of the most versatile products we have in our store, all angles can be adjusted so you truly get a unique and appropriate magnification and light.

The price we offer this product for is very cheap and stock doesn’t generally last very long so if you think this product is for you we recommend you be quick to avoid missing out.

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