Carson Triple Lens LED Lighted Pocket Magnifier 2.5x 5x 6x

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The Carson Pocket Magnifier is a brilliant magnifying glass that has been specially designed to have multi-power effects. The lens on this unit is very special, with a normal magnifying glass you have one power - With this one you have 3.

So how does it work? Carson have figure out a way to put 3 different lenses into one rectangular shaped lens. It's a great design that is very versatile and perfect to have with you at all times. The biggest lens is 2.5x and takes up two thirds of the entire viewing area.

This is for your main magnifying use, the other two sections are much stronger, coming in at 5x and 6x power. So what would you use these for? It's simple, there are always those times when you wish you could get a little bit closer - well now you can.

The features don't stop there. It also has a built in LED light for low light situations or people with poor vision. It's such a versatile unit that a lot of users just put it in their pocket or wallet all day just to have it with them when they feel the need to get closer to something.

The LED light is powered by a couple of button cell batteries which are included. They will last a long time and after years when they do die, you can find them at your local grocery store very easily. One thing we hate are products that you can't replace the batteries for - We do everything we can to not sell those products.

About this Product:

  • Magnification of 2.5x + 5x + 6x
  • High quality pocket magnifier
  • Very comfortable to hold
  • 3 Different lenses to choose from
  • Bright LED light
  • Batteries included
  • Split lens magnification
  • Crystal clear lenses

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