Hand-Held LED Magnifer 80mm 2X 6x

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Fantastic classic looking magnifier that is suitable for a number of different uses, some uses include reading tiny writing, viewing things in the dark and inspecting currency or jewellery.

This one here is 80mm in size which is of medium size and it is fitted with a bright LED light which is rated to last 45 hours of continuous use until the battery needs changing.

If you are looking for an all round product that is able to be used for any purpose, than this is the one for you, it is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

   Product Specifications:

  • Primary mirror: 2x 80mm
  • Secondary mirror: 6x 19mm
  • Three 1.5 X AAA batteries are required (not include)
  • Light source: light emitting diode
  • Contains LED light allows seeing clearly in the dark
  • With currency detecting function lamp and LED hand-held magnifier and jewellery evaluating function

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