Floor Magnifying Lamp with 12 LED's

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The XtraFlex Magnifying Lamp is a High Quality Low Cost lamp that is built to last! It has a flexible arm which means it can be bent in all types of directions so you can get the lens in the perfect position.

It has a standard 2x magnification and a 6x magnification coming from the small bifocal lens. The bifocal lens is perfect for when you need to see the fine details.


  • Flexible arm 12 LED's
  • 65cm height
  • 2x and 6x magnification
  • AC adapter included
  • Can be used with batteries
  • Very lightweight
  • Great for crafts

This lamp is perfect for things such as threading needles, examining coins or stamps or even just doing your nails with extreme accuracy.

This item comes with an AC adapter so you never have to worry about replacing batteries. If you want it for a more portable use, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can also use it with batteries.

Grab this fantastic product today before prices go up! We are the magnification experts!

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