Page Magnifier 2x Full Page Rigid Frame

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You might be thinking - I don't read novels or similar books very often, why would I need one?

The fact is everyone needs to read and it's the everyday tasks that this is made for, things like looking for a phone number in the phone book, we all know how small that text is.

The page magnifier is the product you need if you are looking to magnify large areas of text, sometimes when reading you need a bigger surface area covered by the magnifier, that is why this sheet magnifying glass was invented.

Look at it this way, you are reading your favourite book and using your favourite hand held device to magnify the text, isn't it annoying having to move it from side to side just because it won't cover the whole page?

Now you don't have to worry as you can cover a full A4 page.

It is made from high quality acrylic and is guaranteed 100% shatter-proof, so it's safe as well, years ago full glass versions of this type of product were released but they failed badly due to the weight and the fact that if you dropped them you could get hurt.

This is perfect, its light weight and is a deluxe rigid frame, its magnification rating is 2x which is more than enough for reading of books.

About this Product:

  • 100% shatter proof
  • High quality page magnifier
  • Lens strength of 2x
  • Rigid frame
  • Crystal clear acrylic lens
  • Perfect full page size
  • Conveniently read large areas of text
  • Easy to use
  • Built to last

This is so thin and convenient you can even leave it inside the book ready for next time you are going to use it, it's that simple.


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