Carson MagniMark Compact Page Magnifier With Ruler

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The Carson MagniMark is a 3x compact page magnifier that has a 6 inch ruler on the side. The lens is actually a Fresnel lens which is perfect for reading large areas of text at once, compared to a double convex lens which is found on your typical hand held magnifying glass.

This magnifier is for people who are looking for a page magnifier but don't want that huge A4 sheet hanging around, this compact version still allows you to read large areas of text as well as being extremely compact in the process.

The thing that makes this great is that it can easily be used as a bookmark, simply place it inside of whatever book you are reading and the ribbon at the top will allow you to see what page you are up to when you decide to start reading again.

Common places to leave it are in cook books, phone books or even novels and its slimline design make it perfect without adding any bulge to your book whatsoever.

The Carson MagniMark is made from high quality acrylic and is shatterproof and built to last. It's the perfect addition to your home and you will be surprised how often you use it.

About this Product:

  • Magnification of 3x
  • High quality compact page magnifier
  • 6 inch ruler
  • Nice little size
  • Crystal clear lens
  • Slimline design

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