Mini Portable 30x21mm Glass Jeweler Loupe

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How cute is this little Loupe coming in at only 35x25x18mm this little one is great to put in your pocket or bag and take with you everywhere you go.

One thing that makes this great is the amount of magnification that it has, a total of 30X which is massive for such a small device, it is ideal for reading small text or inspecting money or jewellery.

It is made from optical glass so the quality is amazing, it is a great product for anyone in the watch making industry or anyone just needing to see things a bit closer.

   Product Specifications:

  • Great Jewellers Loupe
  • Optical Glass
  • 30X Magnification for the Lens
  • Size is 25x35x18mm
  • Great for Viewing the Tiniest of Objects
  • Foldable Design
  • Easy To Carry With You Wherever You go
  • Lens Diameter is 21mm

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