6-Shaped 40X 25mm Loupe with LED

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This little beauty is perfect for anyone to use in any situation, its small size make it perfect to fit in your pocket or to carry around in your bag. Common uses are for inspecting money, getting a closer look at circuit boards, gardening and any other house or office uses.

It has a 25mm Lens with 40X magnification. It has super bright LED lights for illumination and is perfect for jewellery identification.

You will love this loupe as the quality is amazing. It is powered by 3 small batteries which we include with the item.

   Product Specifications:

  • Powered by 3 LR927 Batteries
  • Magnification Rating of 40X
  • Lens Size is 25mm
  • LED Lights for Fantastic Illumination
  • High Quality
  • Great To take With You Wherever You Go

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