Full Metal 40X 25mm Loupe with 3 LED

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If you need to inspect things up close, you know the pain of squinting and straining your eyes while trying to get a good look at something. If this is you, you know it’s time to get a 40x magnifying loupe.

This type of product has been made from the highest quality materials while also coming in at an affordable price. This is a very high powered product that comes with lights to ensure you get the closest of looks at your work.

The Important Information:

  • Product size: 32x58x28mm – The Perfect Size to Keep in Your Pocket
  • Diameter of Lens: 25mm – Large Viewing Area for this Strength
  • Powered by LR1130x3 Batteries (included) – Long Lasting Batteries
  • On/Off Switch for Easy Operation – Firm Switch to Ensure you Don’t Leave it On
  • Has Illuminating LED Lights x 3 – Multiple Lights for Various Situations
  • Magnification Rating of 40X – Super Strong and Able to See Very Fine Details
  • Special UV Currency Detecting LED Light – Black light for Another Level of Inspecting
  • Made from Full Metal and Fantastic Quality – Built to Last a Life Time

Who is this for?

This little beauty is perfect for anyone to use in any situation, its small size make it perfect to fit in your pocket or to carry around in your bag. Common uses are for inspecting money, getting a closer look at circuit boards, gardening and any other house or office uses.

It has a 25mm Lens with 40X magnification. It has 3 super bright LED lights for illumination and is perfect for jewellery identification.


You will love this loupe as it has a full metal coating and the quality is amazing.

It is powered by 3 small batteries which we include with the item and is small enough to be carried around with you at all times.

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