Carson Clip and Flip Glasses 2x With Pouch +4.00D

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The Carson Clip and Flip is a clever clip on style magnifier that clips directly onto your glasses, whether they be normal reading glasses or even sunglasses - These will clip directly onto them with plenty of ease.

This series comes in three different strengths ranging from 1.5x - 2x. Its comes down to personal preference to which ones you will need - This model is the 2x model. You simply squeeze the middle and they will slide directly onto your glasses.

That's not the best part, you can flip them up out of the way when you don't need to do any magnifying which is very convenient over other brands where you will need to take them off completely.

The Clip and Flip by Carson Optical has made life easier in so many ways, they make outdoor activities such as fishing a breeze as now when you are connecting new hooks or fly's you won't have to strain your eyes anymore - Everything will be nice and big for you to see things in major detail.

So next time your fly-tying and you are struggling, remember how easy it could be with the Clip and Flip. They come with a free protective pouch so you can store them away in a tool box or fishing tackle box and not have to worry about them getting scratched or damaged in anyway.

About this Product:

  • Magnification of 2x
  • Diopter +4.00
  • Very easy to clip on
  • Free protective pouch
  • Adjustable lens angle
  • Flip up out of the way
  • Connects easily to your glasses
  • Perfect size and viewing area
  • Crystal clear lenses

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